The Press Room Episode #137

Date 2013-05-18

Rob Van Matterhorn joins Yodariquo to resuscitate The Press Room podcast.
In this episode they talk about Persona 4, WWE 13, Injustice, Starcraft II, Solomon’s Key
2:05 Rob gives Persona 4 Impressions
6:30 Yodariquo gives WWE13 Impressions (and retro wrestling talk)
15:10 Rob gives Injustice (Wii U version) Impressions (and Injustice comic talk)
23:45 Yodariquo gives Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm impressions
29:40 Rob fills in the cracks with Solomon’s Key
35:45 Yoda give Dota II Beta impressions
42:55 Rob discusses what’s wrong with social gaming.
47:15 Rayman Legends Challenge Demo Ap impressions from Rob

51:22 NPD
57:55 Nintendo Direct
1:05:40 EA Drops Supoprt for Nintendo
1:09:00 Wii U is Crap – What about Bob?
1:12:50 Konami’s Castlevania Lord of Shadow is most successful game in franchise history.
1:15:45 Nintendo Hates Gay People
1:19:20 Invidia Shield Priced and Dated (sorta)
1:29:00 Gran Turismo 6
1:30:50 Phoenix Wright Going Digital Only

1:34:35 Community Focus

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