The Press Room Episode #133

Date 2012-10-12

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 133rd episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on impressions of X-COM: Enemy Unknown (360), and Blue Dragon (360).

September NPDs
Sony Store Gets a Makeover
GTA5 Game Informer’s December Cover
Rayman Legends Pushed Out of Wii U Launch Window
Reviews Roundup
new Releases This Week – Crazy Huh?
Valve Recruiting Hardware Testers
RE6 On-Disc DLC is FREE
RE6 Sells a LOT in Japan
So What’s Up With Epic?
Wii U Factory es en Fuego!
PS3 Lifetime Sales Yo.
Aspro Rants on Kevin Butler BS

Community Focus
Leo wants Us To Talk About Borderlands 2 So We Do.


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The Press Room Episode #132

Date 2012-10-04

Shane “Aspro” and David “Dvader” return to host the 132nd episode of The Pressroom. They break down the week’s news before giving controversial hands-on impressions of Resident Evil 6, Blue Dragon and Mafia.
Blesinski Leaves Gaming
Bethesda Opens Austin Studio
Resident Evil 6 Critical Reception
FIFA Fastest Selling Game of the Year
Wii U Launch Line-Up
360 Rewards Program

Community Focus
One console Gamers

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The Press Room Episode #131

Date 2012-09-23

Tom “Foolz” Towers and Rob “Robio” Van Matterhorn host the 131st episode of The Pressroom. Featured in this episode; The Book of Unwritten Tales (PC), Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk II (PS3), Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition (PS3) and Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP).
Bioware Founders Leave
Kingdom Hearts HD Announced
Wall Street Journal Are Morons
GameStop Runs Out of Wii U
PS3 Gets Yet Another Makeover
Wii U Multiplay Still Unknown
Valve Hardware As Close As Next Year
Mizuguchi Says Sayonara to Games
Inafune Jumps on Bandwagon
Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL
Forza’s Success Reliant on Pokemon Inspiration
Reggie: US Doesn’t Care About White Handhelds
Castlevania Movie Has Micheal Dorn. And it’s a movie.

Community Focus
Cute Calf Wins
You Want to See My Package?
RE6 and The VG Press
GG’s Blog About Comic Book Stuff and the Internet
Dvader’s Review of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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The Press Room Episode #130

Date 2012-09-14

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk. 2 Winner Announced
Tom “Foolz” Towers and David “Dvader” return to host the 130th episode of The Pressroom. Hands-on impressions this week of Double Dragon Neon (PS3), Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii) and Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 (PS3). Also the week’s news including the launch details of the Wii U.

Wii U Coverage and Analysis
Nintendo Wii U Launch Details

What Playing?
58:45 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
1:15:39Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2
1:19:47 Double Dragon Neon

Critical Reception – LBP Vita Edition
1:29:32 LBP on Vita

1:31:53 RE6 day one DLC, three modes, first on 360
1:34:33 Revised R18+ in Australian Still Stupid
1:36:22 Walmart Price Drops 360 to $250 for Core with Kinect.
1:37:32 Kojima Productions opens US studio
1:39:03 Next Ys will be new story
1:40:04 AndriaSang Closing Down
1:40:31 Robotgeek closed down

Community Focus
1:42:01 The Console Price Equation: Are Gamers dumb or just deliberately obsitinate?

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The Press Room Episode #129

Date 2012-09-07

David “Dvader” Miamiwesker and Shane “Aspro” Hasslehoff host the 129th episode of The Pressroom. Along with the week’s news they give hands-on impressions of Binding of Isaac (PC), Gears of War 2 (360) and Paper Mario (N64).

August NPD
Valve Hiring Hardware Designers
Scribblenauts Unlimited Coming to Steam
Wii U Multiple SKUs?
BS Zelda Rumour
US Gaming Population Shrinking
RE6 Street Date Broken in Poland
Namco-Bandai TGS Line-up
Square-Enix TGS Line-Up
Sony’s TGS Line-up
Ace Attorney 5 Details
Vita Hacked
Vita has a Good Week in Japan

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